Specialty Foods for Beginners
Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some frequent questions. If you don't see the answer you want below, just send an email to info@specialtyfoodsforbeginners.com.

1. How is this website different from all the countless other websites and books which say they can advise you how to succeed in the specialty foods business?

2. Is there a book available with all the hard to find information you'll need to make a profit creating and selling your own specialty food products?

3. Can you recommend any other websites with worthwhile information?

4. Are you available for speaking to various organizations about the specialty food business?

5. What does your book about specialty foods contain?

6. Is your book guaranteed?


1. This website is different because it has been created by someone who has actually created and sold his own specialty food products for several years, and has learned by trial and error what works and what doesn't.  

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2. Yes, a book titled "How to Make a Profit Creating and Selling Specialty Food Products, Second Edition" is now available on this website
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3. Yes. It's www.newenglandspecialtyfoods.com . I created this free site to use as a virtual filing cabinet, to share any information and ideas I've found which I thought were useful, It's a work in progress.
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4. Absolutely. Just click HERE for my contact information.

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5. 100%, Period. Just click HERE for a list of the contents.                                                                                                                                     Back To Top

6.  100%, Period.                                                   Back to Top
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