Specialty Foods for Beginners
         This website has been created by me, Harvey Clark of Boylston, Massachusetts. If you want to see the products I've created and currently sell, go to www.angussauces.com, or www.vegancookingsauces.com. The business I've created is called Mondi Enterprises Inc., named for my wife Mondi.

         Why was this website created? Because from what I've seen and experienced, there's way too high a percentage of people all over the USA selling their specialty food products, but never making any profit doing it. 

         I advise anyone thinking of doing this to visit several specialty food markets, gourmet shops and farm stands, and make a lengthy list of the specialty food products currently available on the shelves. Then, contact as many as possible, asking how long they've been doing it and if they've ever made a real profit, after paying all their expenses. 

         How does one know which products are true "specialty food" products? That's easy. They're the ones you seldom or never see in the large chain supermarkets.

         From everything I've experienced and been told, your odds of ever making a profit creating and selling your own specialty food products are about 1 in 100. I think that's a really terrible situation, and this website is my attempt to do something about it.

         To get a copy of my book, "How to Create & Sell Your Own Specialty Food Products in the USA", just click HERE.
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