Specialty Foods for Beginners
       The primary mission of this website is to supply all the information that's needed, to make a profit creating and selling your own products in the specialty foods business in the USA.

        A secondary goal is to develop as many ways as possible which will allow individuals creating and selling specialty foods to work together, reducing expenses and increasing cost efficiencies. Revenues from the sales of the book for sale on this website, "How to Create & Sell Your Own Specialty Food Products in the USA, Second Edition" will be used to fund unique new specialty foods projects.

        The book can be Purchased for $29.95, on Amazon.com, right HERE.

         The first project I'm currently developing can be seen on another of my websites, www.americasfarmersmarket.org. Funds from the sale of my Book will go toward the cost of completing this site and getting it in full operation. 

          America's Farmer's Market is a unique new concept, created to bridge the gap between the amount public schools need to operate well, and today's realities. It's an opportunity for the creators of artisan foods to sell directly to parents of public school students, on-line, dividing the resulting profits from this venue between themselves and the school specified by the person making the on-line purchase. Increased profitability allowing for this will be possible by selling directly to consumers, eliminating all the middlemen, which until now, have received most of the potential profits. 

           On the other side of the coin, this will be a unique opportunity for American's everywhere to buy handcrafted, healthy foods from small local procucers, with 50% of the profits from their purchase directly benefitting the public school they specify, with the other 50% staying with the specialty food producer, benefitting them, so they can grow their business, creating more new jobs!

For more information about how you can participate, visit www.americasfarmersmarket.org .

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