Specialty Foods for Beginners
           Much has been written about getting started in the specialty food business. My name is Harvey Clark, and I've been creating and selling my own specialty food products in the USA since 2002, and have never seen a book or website which came close to telling you everything you need to know to make a profit doing this.

           There's a definite reason for this. If you check to see who has written any other book or website on this subject, you'll most likely find that the author has never created and sold any of their own specialty food products. From what I've seen, it's salesmen and professors who seem to be responsible for most of the "how to" advice out there. I'm sure they all did the best they could, but without having actually having experienced all the day to day events which unexpectedly arise, some valuable pieces of the puzzle always seem to be missing. That's why, from everything I've seen, read, heard and experienced, your odds of ever making a profit at this potentially fun business, are about 1 in 100, if you're lucky.

          Why did I create this website and book? Over the past several years of traveling all over the six New England states, including my home state of Massachusetts, I've frequently met many others selling their own specialty food products, and all seem to be asking each other the same questions. And what's worse, it's rare that there are ever any answers to be found. Also, it's been very common for others working at stores I sold to, or customers trying my products at store samplings, to ask how I got started doing this, and mentioning that they had an idea they'd like to bring to market too. 

            After digesting all this for quite a while, and finding that I've found a lot of the answers myself, through all these years of learning by trial and error, I decided it would be a very satisfying thing to try to make it easier for anyone else who wants to do this to find some of the answers, without needing to learn everything the hard way.

           That, in a nutshell, is why I've created this website and book. To make everything I've learned about the Specialty Foods Business available to anyone who'd like to learn from it.  The name of the book is "How to Make a Profit Creating & Selling Your Own Specialty Food Products in the USA". with a Second Edition", & it's available from Amazon.com. 

For Amazon page with the First Edition, Click HERE.
For the Amazon page with the Second Edition, Click HERE.
For the Amazon page with the Kindle Second Edition, Click HERE.

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